Implemented value

Realize your full potential through successful implementation

Implementation management is more than launching a new development initiative or project. Implementation means meeting all technical, business and human objectives on time and on budget.

While most organizations spend the majority of their resources and energy on technical and business process components, the greatest risk of failure is the human side of the implementation equation.

Proven process and tools

SKF Business Consulting provides a structured process, competency and a set of tools for leading the formal, informal, administrative and technical side of change to make you get the most out of your investment. We apply this philosophy in everything we do.

Our tools and structures can be applied to any kind of initiative or project and is built on the following cornerstones:
  • holistic approach
  • senior management ownership and commitment
  • structured processes and proven tools
  • empowering change leadership at all levels
  • communication planning
  • personal ability and willingness to change
  • cross-functional approach
  • continuous improvement.

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