Creating focused strategic leadership

“Tier person to support strategy definition and ease the implementation. Very structured and professional approach through nice contact and communication”.
Guilhem de Cazenove, SKF Aerospace Business and Product development Manager

The challenge for SKF's aerospace business was to define strategic issues and work with the management to resolve them. Based on strategic direction there was a requirement to prioritize actions and local initiatives and to unify the strategy follow-up procedures. The business unit worked with SKF Business Consulting to create a strategy that provided operational guidance.

The solution

A review of the strategy governance structure provided improved clarification of the follow up procedures and processes. SKF Business Consulting provided ongoing support with:
  • agreed roles and responsibilities
  • coaching during the first two strategy review meetings
  • support during the final strategy review meeting
  • one pager follow up format to monitor strategy execution in the management team.

The value

A committed management team have taken ownership of the new strategy. The clarified roles and responsibilities in governance have provided a focused strategic leadership. The business unit is working continuously to implement the strategy and change within organization, with a focus on creating strategic learning.

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