Coating is a well-established method to upgrade materials and to provide bearings with additional benefits for specific application conditions. Two different coating methods developed by SKF are available and have been proven successful in many applications.
NoWear is a wear-resistant surface coating that applies a low-friction carbon coating on the bearing inner ring raceway(s) and/or the rolling elements. It can withstand long periods of operation under marginal lubrication conditions. For additional information, refer to NoWear coated bearings.
INSOCOAT bearings are standard bearings that have the external surfaces of their inner or outer ring plasma-sprayed with an aluminium oxide to form a coating. It offers resistance to the damage that can be caused by the passage of stray electric current through the bearing. For additional information, refer to INSOCOAT bearings.
Other coatings like zinc chromate, for example, can offer an alternative to stainless steel bearings in a corrosive environment, especially for ready-to-mount bearing units.
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