Dismounting bearings fitted on a tapered shaft seat

Small bearings can be dismounted using a mechanical or hydraulically assisted puller that engages the inner ring. Self-centring pullers equipped with spring-operated arms should be used to simplify the procedure and avoid damage to the bearing seat. If it is not possible to apply the claws of the puller to the inner ring, withdraw the bearing via the outer ring or use a puller in combination with a pulling plate (fig. 1).
Dismounting medium- and large-size bearings is easier and much safer when the oil injection method is used. This method injects oil, under high pressure, between the two tapered mating surfaces, via a supply duct and a distribution groove. This significantly reduces the friction between the two surfaces and produces an axial force that separates the bearing from its seat (fig. 2).


To avoid the risk of serious injury, attach a provision such as a lock nut to the shaft end to limit the bearing travel when it suddenly comes loose.
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