Establishing fifteen empowered cross functional commodity management teams

“I'm impressed by SKF Business Consulting’s flexibility, persistence, dedication and speed”
Lovisa Söderholm, Chief Purchasing Officer Direct Material at SKF

SKF established empowered Commodity Management Teams to achieve cost savings and increased alignment between business plans and commodity strategies throughout the organization. SKF Business Consulting assisted in defining the overall team set-ups and how to work efficiently and consistently.

The solution

SKF Business Consulting mapped the current roles and processes and benchmarked other organizations to identify team set-up success factors. To ensure a clear and consistent approach, the project defined several aspects for the Commodity Management Teams:
  • processes
  • vision
  • organization
  • IT system and tools
  • policies and guidelines
  • governance structure.

In addition to clarifying the overall structure and working model for the teams, SKF Business Consulting provided communication and implementation support.

The value

SKF Business Consulting developed a clear model and conducted a fast and controlled implementation with strong commitment from the organization. The clarified structure left few questions unanswered and helped all fifteen Commodity Management Teams to work consistently.

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