Meeting ambitious sales and growth targets in a changing and competitive market

"The methodology used by SKF Business Consulting was excellent. They kept the project on track and on time."
Keith Meyers, Segment Manager Mining Mineral Processing Cement

The mining and mineral processing industry is growing and SKF has a strong ambition to serve the bigger market with more solutions. The challenge was to deliver the ambition in a highly competitive market environment.

The solution

Based on a root cause analysis, SKF Business Consulting could understand the current state of the sales process and the market. This helped to identify potential growth scenarios to increase sales, including sales potentials and business case calculations. Both internal and external critical success factors were identified to ensure the project was delivered as expected. SKF Business Consulting recommended one growth scenario with a strategic plan and actions.

The value

SKF Business Consulting provided a better understanding of current market situation and the root causes behind SKF’s current market position. SKF Business Consulting provided evaluated future scenarios for strategic decisions, clear strategic direction and actions for highest impact on growth and success.

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