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Non-retractable fin stabilizer type FZ

  • Non-retractable fin stabilizer for zero speed and under way stabilization for all kinds of vessels
  • Rotary vane fin actuator
  • ± 60° working angle
  • Fin area range from 2,7 to 12,4 m²
  • Rotary vane fin actuator: Extremely compact, powerful and highly reliable; torque transmission is free of unbalanced forces on the fin, avoiding additional loads on the bearings and ensuring high fin movement precision, enabling ± 60° working angle
  • Benefits of ± 60° working angle in zero speed mode:
  • Increased lift: better roll reduction
  • Smoother force transmission: reduced jerking effect, increased comfort
  • Smaller fin area: reduced resistance under way
  • Accumulator-supported hydraulic system: reduced size of motors and pumps, lower demand on electrical current, lower peak load on power supply, decreased noise level, faster dynamic system response, serves as a hydraulic power source for secondary equipment
  • Compliance with classification societies regulations, SOLAS and MARPOL 73/78 convention specifications
  • Compliant with Vessel General Permit (VGP) 2013 regulations
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