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The people principle

Data: 2013-05-20T13:00:00
Local: Estados Unidos
Apresentador: Bill Lyons, Maintenance Optimization Mgr, Holcim US, Inc.
Conferência: AM2013 North America


Bill’s cement career started in Michigan in 1974 and has taken him through the operations of cement manufacturing to maintenance and reliability, and most recent years in training and development of the maintenance employees in the company’s North American plants. Over the past 34 years of cement experience, Bill has enjoyed the opportunity to learn different cultures including 17 years of work employment in Egypt, Bahamas, Mexico and Europe. He also learned that in the US there are different cultures from state to state.  Since returning to the US in 2000, Bill has been working on maintenance and reliability improvement programs from the Dundee Michigan Corporate office for 14 manufacturing plants and grinding facilities located across the US and Canada. A very important focus project that he carries a passion for is the training and development of all maintenance employees that helps to address the “Baby Boomer Crisis”. He has been heading up maintenance reliability certification programs to assure the right skills are in place at all plants before the seasoned employees leave. Bill is a CMRP and represents Holcim US with SMRP, Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

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