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O&M cost drivers for onshore & offshore wind farms

Data: 2013-06-12T13:00:00
Local: Warsaw
Apresentador: Pär Attermo, O&M Development Windpower, Vattenfall
Conferência: SKF 8th Annual Wind Farm Management Conference
Par Attermo


Why is the cost for O&M so high for windpower compared to other power production and what could be done to reduce the cost for O&M and lost production? These are the questions Vattenfall would like to get answered, when they initiated the cost driver analysis for offshore and onshore windpower. The studies implied a deep dive into the maintenance systems and SCADA alarms complemented with interviews of site managers, service leaders, OEM and ISP. The presentation shows the results of the studies and interviews together with proposed actions. The studies were done in cooperation with Ulla Pettersson at e-for-energy.
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