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Read Evolution magazine on your iPad

Evolution iPad
Evolution magazine on your iPad

The digital world develops fast and communication tools keep a close track. SKF has in the past months launched a number of digital features, enabling the improved accessibility in cyberspace of its global business and technology magazine, Evolution.

As from the first issue of this year, Evolution is available in English as an iPad app. You'll find it among the other SKF apps in App Store, where it can easily be downloaded to your iPad tablet.

The web version of the magazine, Evolution Online, has had a face-lift and by means of a new web tool the layout and navigation has greatly improved. This is the place where one will find additional links and SKF contact information. As in the iPad app, you may also find complementary film clips accompanying the articles.

In addition, the Evolution Online digital newsletter has an upgraded design and now better serves different mail clients. You can subcribe via Evolution Online, where you can also apply for a free subscription of the print magazine. The newsletter, as well as Evolution Online, is available in eight language versions, while the print magazine is available in 12 language versions. For smart phones, SKF has developed a mobile browser that provides an easy-to-navigate format when searching the Evolution Online site.

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