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Low cost monitoring addtion for OEMs

SKF Machine Condition Indicator - a simple and cost effective way to add condition monitoring capability to your products

SKF Machine Condition Indicator
The SKF Machine Condition Indicator (MCI) is an ideal addition to your existing pump or motor products. Delivering added value to your customers and opening opportunity for service additions. Simple to install and easy to use, the device will give your customers easy to understand information that will enhance their maintenance operations. More intelligent than conventional sensors, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator is a smart device that can be customised for your needs. It takes measurements, verifies alarm condition and displays asset status via three multi-colored LEDs.


  • Cost effective and easy way to build condition monitoring capability into your products
  • Extend customer value
  • Benefit from innovative leading edge technology
  • Open possibilities for service opportunities
  • Supported by proven SKF condition monitoring expertise and knowledge

Customised for your machinery

Packaging and alarm thresholds can be customised as appropriate to meet your specfic needs. The result is a built in, low-cost solution for monitoring equipment. The SKF Machine Condition Indicator is a sealed (IP69K), battery-powered, standalone unit designed for industrial use. Fully potted to optimize sealing, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator houses internal sensors that measure velocity, enveloped acceleration (bearing and gearbox vibration) and machine surface temperature. To address many different machine types, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator supports two modes of operation: threshold mode and percentage mode.

Smart control for long battery life

The battery-powered SKF Machine Condition Indicator conserves energy by “sleeping” most of the time, waking up eight times per day at preset intervals to take measurements. Once activated, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator begins taking measurements immediately, evaluating current machine vibration level. If any level does not meet a minimum alarm threshold, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator goes back to sleep to eliminate taking data when the machine is not running.

Verification and adaptive alarming

If the SKF Machine Condition Indicator detects an alarm condition, it automatically verifies the condition by re-taking its measurements. This process helps rule out transient conditions and false alarms. If the alarm level is exceeded by only a small amount, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator may verify the condition for two to twelve hours before it displays the red alarm LEDs. If the alarm level is exceeded by a large amount, the SKF Machine Condition Indicator recognizes this and performs fewer verifications of the alarm condition before displaying an alarm condition. Stronger alarms display the red alarm LEDs sooner than the weaker alarms, and all alarms are verified. Once the SKF Machine Condition Indicator has verified the alarm, red LEDs blink in a specific blink pattern according to the measurement type in alarm for a duration of one week.

Easy to set, activate, integrate and change

A magnetic read key is included with the SKF Machine Condition Indicator to program, activate and reset the unit. The key allows users to change operating modes, set vibration baselines, and acknowledge alarms. The top of the unit features a barcode with its serial number, allowing location and status to be easily recorded into an ODR programme, as well as maintenance routes and scheduled check-ups.


  • Customizable to your requirements
  • Velocity measurements support overall machine health
  • Measure enveloped acceleration to detect bearing degradation
  • Temperature measurements indicate uncharacteristic heat
  • Two modes of operation address most industrial machines
  • Built-in Intelligence to avoid false alarming

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