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SKF Multilog IMx firmware 6.1

The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.1 is an upgrade of the IMx firmware to add support for SKF Multilog IMx-8 hardware. It brings new and improved features related to the intended use of IMx-8 for all IMx variants (IMx-S, IMx-W, IMx-B, IMx-C, IMx-P, IMx-T and IMx-M).
Features and functionality of version 6.1
The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.1 is a minor update of the IMx firmware that includes:

- IEC 61850/MMS re-enabled
- Device logical identifier in configuration and system variable
- Network send rate improvement to server
- Avoid multiple queue insertions on sampling fail signal
- Improved tolerance of MCU flash erase interruption
- Register addressing optimization
- Firmware size reduced
- IMx-8 eMMC support more memory models, better timeout check
- IMx-CPU for Medha preliminary support
Download instructions for version 6.1
  1. Download the zipped firmware file from the "download files" section in the far right column of this page ("SKF Multilog IMx firmware 6.1"); save to the desktop or a temp folder on your PC.
  2. Unzip or extract the IMx-6.1 file from the downloaded zip file.
  3. Click here to fill out and submit the customer information form so that we may update your equipment records.
If you are unable to use this online service to download the SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.1, please contact SKF Technical Support at 1-800-523-7524.
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