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Range history

Range history contains two spreadsheets:
  • 'RFU-MonthYY' (ex: RFU-February 08) which contains the list of the new kits with the following information:
        1. Kit type/Kit Designation
        2. Manufacturer Name/Model Series
        3. EAN-code/Wheight/Length/Breadth/Height
        4. Stock at EDC
  • 'New kits list-ARCHIVE' which contains the list of all communicated kit since 2003.
For any price issues, please contact your local price manager.

Application data

Application data files include:
  • Uncompressed application information
  • OE numbers of new kits (loose component or when a complete kit OE number is available)
  • Replaced & Deleted Kits which shows a recap of the deleted & replaced kits
  • New kit X-list
  • Pictures
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