If bearings are to be used again after removal, the force used to dismount them must never be applied through the rolling elements.
With separable bearings, the ring with the rolling element and cage assembly can be removed independently of the other ring. With non-separable bearings, the ring having the looser fit should be withdrawn from its seat first. To dismount a bearing having an interference fit, the tools described in the following section may be used, the choice of tools will depend on bearing type, size and fit.
In certain cases it is recommended that the position of a bearing relative to associated components be marked in order to simplify remounting. This is important, for example, for large roller bearings where the ring which has been subjected to point load is normally turned for part of a revolution so that another part of the raceway comes under load when the bearing is remounted. This allows the bearing life to be fully exploited.
Detailed instructions for a selected bearing can be found at skf.com/mount.
Tools for dismounting of bearings can be found in the section Maintenance products.
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