SKF power packs

Baker PP30, Baker PP40 and Baker PP85

Power packs

Effective, affordable insulation testing for high voltage motors and coils

When coupled with an SKF Baker Static Motor Analyzer, these units extend the insulation testing voltage range.  These testers are ideal for use in manufacturing, predicitive maintenance, motor rewind and repair settings.

High Voltage Machines
Many of the critical motors in a plant are high voltage motors. These big motors efficiently drive the critical processes in industry. To effectively verify the insulation in these machines, higher test voltages and currents are required, compared to what is available in a portable motor analyzer.  The SKF Baker Power Packs work in concert with an SKF Static Motor Analyzer (host) to verify insulation at voltages up to 40kV, with up to 2600A of current available.  The SKF Baker Power Packs are ideal for verifying the insulation on form wound coils, high voltage AC motors and large DC motors.

Complete High Voltage Motor & Coil Tests
Thoroughly testing the insulation on high voltage coils takes an array of tests.  The Baker power packs provide thorough testing of ground wall insulation with multiple methods; megohm test, step test, ramp test, Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Adsorption (DA), and HiPOT tests.  To verify turn to turn and phase to phase insulation, the surge test with Pulse to Pulse Error Area Ratio (PPEAR) analysis is used to detect any insulation weakness.  Using the SKF Baker Static Motor Analyzer, coil resistance, inductance and capacitance measurements can be made to assure the proper winding construction and materials have been used in the coils, the windings are clean, and the assembly of the coils into the motor was performed correctly.

Configurations and Models
The Baker Power Packs come in 4 different models.  The Baker PP30, PP40 and PP85 are built on a mobile cabinet, with large wheels for easy transport to the test area.  Each cabinet has an AC outlet for the host unit, as well as lead storage for the Baker Power Pack.   The Baker PP30 provides up to 30kV test voltage. It has 3 switchable test leads for simple connections to 3 phase motors. The Baker PP85 is a Baker PP30 with an internal armature test circuit built in for testing large DC motors.  When in armature mode, the test voltage is limited to 2100V, however, the current available is increased up to 10,000A.   The Baker PP40 is a single lead tester with test voltages up to 40kV.
The Baker PP24 provides similar capabilities to the Baker PP30 and PP40 with a maximum test voltage of 24kV.  The PP24 is a single test lead unit and is packaged in a small 19” rack without wheels. 

High-voltage motors and machines are critical assets at modern industrial sites. The SKF Baker Power Packs provide complete, affordable insulation test capability for large AC and DC electric motors and coils.  When coupled with an SKF Baker Static Motor Analyzer, a safe, thorough test is provided, allowing you to rest assured that your high voltage motors and coils are in top working condition.

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