LMC 301

Controller to reliably control small, large or multi-system-type lubrication systems

LMC301, model 86500 / 86501
LMC301, model 86500 / 86501
LMC301, model 86502 / 86503
LMC301, model 86502 / 86503
Single-line lubrication system grease
System layout of a single-line lubrication system with LMC301 control unit

Designed for use with pumps that have no internal controller, the LMC 301 is suitable for applications where sophisticated control and feedback are required. This versatile controller can handle multiple configurations and diverse temperature ranges.

The LMC 301 works with multiple system types, including single-line, dual-line and progressive systems. One system can operate three different pumps, and each of those pumps can control up to three zones for a total of nine zones. Also, each pump can function as a different system type.


  • Operates up to three different pumps for a total of nine zones
  • Provides flexibility when varying lubrication intervals or different types of grease are required
  • Functions effectively in diverse temperatures
  • Controls large-capacity pumps with heavy amperage draw
  • Works with new angular grease-detection sensor to verify proper lubrication
  • Water-resistant container holds up to high-pressure wash downs

Technical features:

  • Pre-lubrication and post spray capability
  • Ability to control auto-fill pump
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Ability to switch between a normal and heavy lubrication cycle via a remote switch
  • Modular system with 10 inputs per unit
  • Up to seven IO extensions can be added per controller
  • USB connection mode
  • Pump settings include time- or pressure-based lubrication, pump control and temperature monitoring
  • Operating voltage range: 24 V DC or 110 or 220 V AC
  • Operation temperature:
    AC: –10 to +50 °C (14 to 122 °F)
    DC: –40 to +70 °C (–40 to +158 °F)
  • Casing: 270 x 170 x 90 mm (10.6 x 6.7 x 3.5 in.)
  • Protection class: IP65

Special features:

  • UL/CSA/CE approved
  • Controller and PC software language: English and German (other languages coming soon)


  • Mobile, off-road, mining, construction and large process industries
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