Dual-line lubrication systems

SKF DuoFlex for oil, semi-fluid grease and hard grease

SKF DuoFlex dual-line lubrication systems
SKF DuoFlex dual-line lubrication systems
System description:

The system requires two main lines that are alternately supplied with lubricant. SKF DuoFlex systems are very reliable when using hard greases and when the distance to the pumping unit is long – up to 100 m or more. They also offer great flexibility when it comes to adjusting the metered quantity to the requirements of the specific lubrication point. In addition, the parallel set-up of the dual line metering valves allows for a simple and easy system design.
SKF DuoFlex dual-line lubrication systems can supply more than 1 000 lubrication points from a single pump unit source, resulting in high lubricating reliability with pressures of up to 400 bar.


SKF DuoFlex systems are designed for medium-sized or large machines or production lines with a large number of lubrication points, long lines and harsh operating conditions. Applications include heavy industry, metal working plants, pulp and paper, mining, mineral processing and cement factories, deck cranes, power plants and more. 

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Overview of dual-line lubrication systems for grease

  • Benefits and applications
    Dual-line lubrication systems for grease
    • Flexible
      simple to de­sign, easy to extend or reduce
    • Reliable
      precise, metered amount of lubricant, to up to 2000 lubrica­tion points over long distances up to 120 m
    • Variety of applications
      heavy industry, metal working plants, pulp and paper production, mining, mineral processing, power plants, cement factories, steel works and more
    • Effectively in harsh conditions
      including potentially high lubrication-point back pressure, dirty, wet or humid environments and low temperatures.

  • Pumps
  • Metering devices
  • Monitoring devices
  • Control units
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