SKF Machine Condition Advisor (PT01-MCA)

Date: April, 2015
Language: English
SKF Machine Condition Advisor

Course summary

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This course introduces the SKF Machine Condition Advisor, and its application in assessing the condition of rotating machinery. This involves three key tasks:

  • Preparing and planning for measurements
  • Collecting and recording readings
  • Evaluating the collected data to detect changes in machinery condition.

The basics
This lesson introduces the SKF Machine Condition Advisor as a predictive maintenance tool, and describes the three determinants of machine condition that it measures.
Instrument Setup
In this lesson you will learn how to prepare the instrument for use, and how to configure the instrument to suit your own preferences.
Using the Instrument
A virtual instrument is used to collect data from a typical fan. A simple data recording system is discussed, and instruction offered regarding the evaluation of the collected data.
Practical conditions
This lesson considers some of the practical difficulties that might be encountered in using the Advisor on real process machinery. Once again, a virtual instrument is used to collect data from a typical

The course is intended for use in conjunction with the manual supplied with the instrument. The estimated study time is approximately 30-45 minutes, and on completion you will have the opportunity to take a test, to check your understanding of the topics covered during the course.
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