Stainless steel deep groove ball bearings

SKF stainless steel deep groove ball bearings are resistant to corrosion from moisture and several other media. These single row deep groove ball bearings have the same deep raceway grooves and close conformity between raceways and balls as standard deep groove ball bearings made of carbon chromium (rolling bearing) steel. They are without filling slots and can carry axial loads acting in both directions in addition to radial loads, even at high speeds.
SKF stainless steel deep groove ball bearings have the same running properties as conventional steel deep groove ball bearings, but have a lower load carrying capacity.
The bearings are available in open and sealed designs for shaft diameters from 1 to 50 mm.
SKF stainless steel bearings are identified by the designation prefix W, e.g. W 626-2Z.

Bearings for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications

Stainless steel deep groove ball bearing with food compatible grease
In the food and beverage industry, food safety and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are always top priorities. When machine components directly contact foodstuffs, there is a risk that the lubricant will contaminate the product. To avoid this, food safety management systems and regulations1 recommend the use of certified food grade lubricants. The industry trend is to use food grade lubricants plant-wide.
In order to minimize the risk of corrosion and improve bearing service life, SKF stainless steel deep groove ball bearings offer a reliable solution.

Filled with H1 NSF Certified food grade grease identified by the SKF suffix VT378, and with an effective seal, the units can be used in all applications from preparation to filling and packaging where corrosion and accidental food contact are a risk factor.
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