If it becomes necessary to change from one grease to another, the miscibility or the ability to mix greases without adverse effects should be considered. If incompatible greases are mixed, the resulting consistency can change so dramatically that bearing damage due to severe leakage could result.
Greases with the same thickener and similar base oils can generally be mixed without any detrimental consequences. For example, a lithium thickener / mineral oil grease can generally be mixed with another lithium thickener / mineral oil grease. Also, some greases with different thickeners, such as calcium complex and lithium complex, are miscible.
In cases where changing from one grease to another could cause low grease consistency and grease escaping from the bearing arrangement, all the old grease should be removed from the arrangement and the lubrication ducts (→ Relubrication).
The preservative with which SKF bearings are treated is compatible with the majority of lubricating greases with the possible exception of polyurea greases. Synthetic fluorinated oil based greases using a PTFE thickener, e.g. SKF LGET 2 grease, are not compatible with standard preservatives and the preservatives must be removed before applying grease.
For additional information, contact the SKF application engineering service.


PTFE exposed to an open flame or temperatures above 300 °C (570 °F) are a health and environmental hazard! They remain dangerous even after they have cooled.

Read and follow the safety precautions under Seal materials.

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