Sensor technology and electrical data

SKF steering encoder units use non-contact incremental sensors to track the movement of the steering wheel. These magnetic sensors do not wear, are protected from external influences, and are designed to provide maximum service life. SKF steering encoder units are designed to support the safety requirements of safety related control systems in accordance with ISO 13849. They contain two sets of sensors to provide redundancy.

SKF steering encoder units provide two independent sets of square wave signals (fig. 1) via open collector circuits. They require a regulated voltage supply, which can range from 5 to 12 V DC. Pull-up resistors should be placed between the voltage supply and the conductors for the output signals to limit the output current to 20 mA. Recommended pull-up resistors are listed in table 1. The application load resistance between the ground line and the conductors for the output signals should be at least 10 times higher than the resistance of the pull-up resistor. This keeps the output signals readable.
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