SKF double row cylindrical roller bearings are produced, depending on size and design, with the following cages:
  • Two cages of glass fibre reinforced polyamide 66 (fig 1).
  • Two pin-type cages of steel (fig 2).
  • Two window-type cages of brass (fig 3).
  • One double pronged machined brass cage (fig 4).
  • One double row window-type cage of brass (fig 5).
  • One double row machined brass cage (fig 6).
  • One double row pin-type cage of steel (fig 7).


Double row cylindrical roller bearings with polyamide 66 cages can be used at operating temperatures up to +120 °C. With the exception of a few synthetic oils and greases with a synthetic base oil, and lubricants containing a high proportion of EP additives when used at elevated temperatures, the lubricants generally used for rolling bearings do not have a detrimental effect on cage properties.

For further information regarding the temperature resistance and use of cages, please refer to the section Cage materials.

For bearing arrangements which have to be operated at continuously high temperatures or under arduous conditions, it is recommended that bearings incorporating metal cages be used.
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