SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6

The SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.0 is a major upgrade of the IMx firmware to add support for the new SKF Multilog IMx-8 hardware. It also brings new and improved features related to the intended use of IMx-8 for all IMx variants (IMx-S, IMx-W, IMx-B, IMx-C, IMx-P, IMx-T and IMx-M).
Features and functionality of v. 6.0
The features of this v6.0 firmware include:

Identification and performance improvements:
  • IMx-8 device type added.
  • Device ID up to 9999 (previously 255).
  • System var for hardware and firmware identification automatically used by @ptitude Observer and IMx Manager app.
  • Faster start-up and firmware update.
  • CPU usage reduced by up to 20% when using Event Capture.
  • Relays, LEDs and external interfaces with less delay.
  • Up to 10% faster with many points and many measurements/second.
  • Improved SDRAM start-up test coverage to find more bus and chip faults.
  • IMx-8 data buffers in EMMC (event 16MB, trend 1GB, capture 1GB). More than 300 times the capacity per channel compared to existing IMx devices. Can contain 30 max sized captures or more depending on configuration.
General communications improvements:
  • DNS printouts improved
  • Ethernet HW watchdog reset if no controller detected.
  • Ethernet statistics improved and packet loss printouts limited.
  • IMx-8 comes with a new factory system configuration with DHCP and server initiated communication as default. This means plug and play for local networks with DHCP.
  • Standalone and server initiated connection (no server configured in device).
  • Network announcement for server initiated.
  • NTP server address can now be received by DHCP. First NTP address provided by DHCP server is used.
  • IMx-8 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface using BLED112 USB dongle.

Modbus communication improvements:

  • Modbus/RTU framing improvement for usage together with other slaves.
  • Modbus slave mode allows read back of holding registers.
  • Modbus status registers 29-30 (previously reserved).
  • Modbus/TCP support.
  • Modbus slave mode floating point export by MBOUT option.
  • Modbus master mode data import allows more flexible configuration.

Event capture improvements

  • Allows multiple event captures to be taken before the previous ones have been uploaded to the server and also allows them to be retained over power loss. No new event captures are stored when full (to keep the root cause event when flooded by subsequent events)
  • Event Capture point can use an optional high-pass (AC) filter with cut-off 0.0625, 0.125, 0.25, 0.5 Hz.
  • Event Capture point can set a full scale range (when using high-pass filter) to get higher resolution for low amplitude signals. 
  • Event Capture point can use true peak overall (when using high-pass filter)
  • Event Capture group can use an alarm relay. 
  • Faster relay response when true peak is used. IMx energizes within 100 ms when Event Capture group is ready to trigger.

Troubleshooting and support improvements:

  • System var for device temperature.
  • System var for PoE and Aux DC supply status to see which ones are powered.
  • IMx-8 rescue button enters "safe" maintenance mode without configuration. Like booting Windows in safe mode, possible to correct problems without the need to erase configuration and data.
  • Self-monitoring covers more parameters than before and can detect relay sensors overloading their power supply (leading to incorrect operation).
  • General test mode improvements
  • Configurable system fault output inclusion in System LED/relay. Option to include detected cable faults and out of range fault. Includes points on virtual channels (e.g. Modbus communication error).
  • User data attribute header in measurement configuration for traceability makes support easier.
  • Maintenance mode can be used for SAT with IMx Manager app.

SKF Software and app compatibility:

  • SKF @ptitude Observer 10.2, Limited support down to 7.0
  • SKF @ptitude Analyst 9 maintenance release 1 (MR1) 
  • SKF IMx-M Manager 2.1.10
  • SKF IMx Manager app for iOS and Android 1.0
Download instructions for v6.0
  1. Download the firmware file from the Download files section in the right column of this page ("SKF Multilog IMx firmware 6.0") to your PC's desktop or temp folder.
  2. Unzip or extract the IMx-6.0.pkg file from the downloaded file.
  3. Click here to fill out and submit the customer information form so that we may update your equipment records.
If you are unable to use this online service to download the SKF Multilog IMx firmware version 6.0, please contact SKF Technical Support at 1-800-523-7524.
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