SKF Insight™

SKF Insight™ is a groundbreaking innovation that can enable SKF bearings to communicate their operating conditions continuously, with internally powered sensors and data acquisition electronics. Bearings have long been considered the heart of rotating machinery, now SKF makes them the brain as well.
Prior to SKF Insight, condition monitoring techniques could only monitor damage after it has occurred. Now, by sensing directly on the bearing, SKF is able to monitor the damage from the first microscopic effect as it is happening, and with this information, customers can take remedial action to reduce the reason for damage in the bearing – adding lubricant, mitigating transient overloads, etc.

In addition, by monitoring the load directly on the bearing, SKF Insight makes it possible to measure the load the bearing actually experiences rather than what is was designed for. This valuable information can be routed back into the design phase to improve both the system and bearing design.

With SKF Insight technology integrated into bearings, it is simpler and more convenient for customers to enter into condition monitoring activities. Better operational knowledge, better maintenance planning, optimized manpower and spare part management, will lead to lower cost of operations.

SKF Insight technology includes:

  • Miniaturisation – Packaging of sensor technologies enables measurement of critical parameters such as RPM, temperature, velocity, vibration, load and other features.
  • Self-powered – Using the application environment itself, smart bearings can generate their own power needed to operate.
  • Simplicity – Intelligent wireless communication technology packaged inside the bearing enables it to communicate within environments where traditional WiFi cannot operate.
  • Smart networks – Communicating through each other and via a wireless gateway, bearings with SKF Insight form a “mesh network” and can send information relevant to their condition for analysis.

SKF Life Cycle Management

SKF continues to have an increased focus on Life Cycle Management, and many of our new solutions and technologies such as SKF Insight are enablers that allow us to work with and benefit customers throughout the industrial market.

This increased focus on asset life cycle is a natural evolution of how we apply our technology platforms. Now with a Life Cycle Management approach we are taking our technology platforms and our industry knowledge and combining them to work with end user customers, understanding their needs and demands, and then bringing that back into our offer to OE manufacturers, helping them develop their business.

Learn more about SKF Life Cycle Management

SKF Insight launched at Hannover Fair 2013

The groundbreaking SKF Insight™ was launched in Hannover, see the films below
  • Listen to SKF President and CEO, Tom Johnstone in this exclusive interview.
  • Hear what Dr. Alan Begg has to say about how SKF Insight™ will change the way condition monitoring is done.
  • Listen to project manager Donald Howieson explaining SKF Insight
  • Watch the launch video for SKF Insight™
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