Lubricant metering devices

Lubricant metering devices deliver preset lubricant dosage to lubrication point or measure lubricant out to lubrication points over a specified period of time.

Overview of metering devices for different lubrication systems

  • Dual-line lubrication systems

    ProductMaterial housing and designMetering quantity

    steel galvanized
    or stainless steel
    Block design metering devices
    max. Operating pressure: 400 bar/5800 psi
    VSKH-KRwith indicator pin,
    adjustable output
    VSKH-KRFKMwith FKM seals0-1,50-0,09
    VSKV-KRwith indicator pin,
    adjustable output
    VSKV-KRFKMwith FKM seals0-1,50-0,09
    VSG-KRwith indicator pin,
    adjustable output
    VSG-KR-FKMwith FKM seals0-0,220-0,13
    VSG-KR-NPwith piston detector0-0,220-0,13
    VSG-KR-KAwith adapter for limit switch0-0,220-0,13
    VSG-KR-KSwith limit switch0-0,220-0,13
    VSG-KR-KD, Dwith fixed metering screw0,55; 1,1;
    1,65; 2,2
    0,04; 0,07;
    0,1; 0,13
    VSL-KRwith indicator pin,
    adjustable output
    VSL-KR-FKMwith FKM seals0-50-0,3
    VSL-KR-NPwith piston detector0-50-0,3
    VSL-KR-KAwith adapter for limit switch0-50-0,3
    VSL-KR-KSwith limit switch0-50-0,3
    VSL-KR-KD, Dwith fixed metering screw1,25; 2,5;
    3,75; 5
    0,07; 0,15;
    0,23; 0,3
    Modular design metering devices
    Max. operating pressure 250 bar/3600 psi
    SGAwith indicator pin,
    adjustable output
    SGwith indicator pin,
    adjustable output
  • Progressive lubrication systems
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