LubriLean DigitalSuper

Units for internal and external Minimial Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

DigitalSuper with Bypass control (BPC)
DigitalSuper with PROFINET connection
DigitalSuper with PROFIBUS connection
  • Technical features
    Function principleMQL Unit with aerosol generator (Venturi effect)
    Metered aerosol quantity per outlet3–400 ml/h
    Operating pressure4–10 bar48–145 psi
    Recommended air pressure
    Units without Bypass Control
    6 bar87 psi
    Units with Bypass Control10 bar145 psi
    Air consumption per aerosol generator10–500 Nl/min
    Operating temperature–10 to +40°C+50 to +104 °F
    Protection classIP 54
    Mounting positionVertical, connections downwards
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How to install SKF LubriLean DigitalSuper

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