SKF EasyRail

Centralized lubrication systems for wheel flange lubrication and railhead conditioning

Intelligent technologies to reduce energy, fuel consumption and material wear of rolling stock are taking ground everywhere in the railway sector. The American Association of Railroads (AAR) estimated that the wear and friction occurring in the wheel / rail interface of trains due to ineffective lubrication costs railway operators in excess of 2 billion USD each year.

SKF EasyRail systems target the friction occurring at the wheel / rail interface of rail vehicles.

SKF EasyRail systems for wheel flange lubrication and railhead conditioning are mounted on-board on the first leading vehicle axle and support operators to achieve:
  • cost savings in vehicle and infrastructure maintenance
  • lower noise emissions and
  • reduce energy and fuel consumption.

SKF EasyRail systems require low maintenance and operate reliable even under extreme climate conditions.


On-board lubrication systems have proven to be very flexible and effective applications for railway operators due to their variable setting options.
SKF EasyRail systems can be configured for single- and dual-line lubrication systems applications. The major applications include locomotives, regional and commuter trains, high-speed trains, trams, metros and more.


  • Maintenance-optimized system configuration
  • Longer intervals between wheel reshaping or replacement
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Reduced energy and material consumption
  • Use of biodegradable lubricants

SKF EasyRail, the right lubrication solution for each task

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