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The SKF Roller profile rail guides LLU are ideal for the use in heavy duty industries, for example: machine tool, automation, plastic injection moulding or material handling. High rigidity, high dynamic and static load ratings, exceptional running smoothness and effective sealing of the carriage are the big advantages that make the LLU suited for such applications. Furthermore, the high precision of the LLU roller profile rail guide has to be mentioned. The LLU range is available in four precision classes (parallelism down to 7µm/4000mm rail) and two preload classes. Four different carriage designs (fig. 1, 2, 3 ,4) and four different rail versions (fig. 5, 6, 7, 8) are available. This modular system approach enables to design a solution with high performance for a wide range of application requirements.

Features and benefits

The SKF roller profile rail guide LLU provides the following features and benefits:
Rigidity, strength and accuracy for improved production processes
LLU Rigidity strength and accuracy for improved production processes
The LLU roller profile rail guide has four rows of cylindrical rollers in O-arrangement with the four raceways in 45° orientation towards the guiding base. This arrangement optimizes the load sharing in all four main load directions and is in accordance with ISO 14728. This feature provides a high degree of design flexibility. The ability to accommodate high loads and moment loads makes these rail guides ideal even for very demanding applications.
Smooth running performance
LLU Smooth running performance
Optimized recirculations, raceways and the O-arrangement of the cylindrical rollers enable reliable, stick-slip-free operation for the whole life of the rail guide.
Modular concept for customized solutions
LLU Modular concept for customized solutions
Applications have different load, precision and environmental requirements. As a result, SKF roller profile rail guides LLU use modular components so that cost-effective solutions can be built based on the needs of the application.
Various precision and preload classes are available to meet the different needs. Furthermore, a wide range of accessories support its adaptation to specific environmental conditions.
Longer service life and reduced maintenance
LLU Longer service life and reduced maintenance
SKF roller profile rail guide LLU carriages and rails are protected with anti-corrosion preservation for transport, storage and mounting. Both end plates of the carriage feature four (3+1) lube ports at different positions for manual lubrication or connection to automatic lubrication systems. One straight grease nipple is provided as standard with each carriage. The carriages are fully sealed with double lip seals on both ends and longitudinal seals along the rail. The seals have been proven to be highly effective against the ingress of contaminants and have low friction
Interchangeability and global availability
LLU Interchangeability and global availability
The main dimensions of all SKF profile rail guides are in accordance with ISO 12090-1. This enables dimensional interchangeability with all ISO-compliant brands. SKF’s global sales and distribution network results in availability of replacement parts and serviceability for all systems worldwide.

Technical data

from size 25 to 65 mm
4 different carriage types
up to 3 m/s
up to 50 m/s2
 down to 7 µm / 4 000 mm 
Operating temperature
-10 to +80°C
Rail length in one piece
(joints possible)
up to 4 000 mm
Cup to 276 kN
C0up to 579 kN

Typical applications

  • Machine tool, e.g. machine centers, woodworking
  • Automation, e.g. plastic injection moulding, cranes
  • Pulp and paper
  • Printing machines

Profile rail guides LLU

Roller profile rail guide LLU

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