Piškotki na spletnem mestu SKF

S piškotki vam lahko zagotovimo dobro izkušnjo pri uporabi našega spletnega mesta in spletnih aplikacij. Če nadaljujete, ne da bi spremenili nastavitve v brskalniku, smatramo, da ste dali dovoljenje za prejemanje piškotkov. Vendar pa lahko kadar koli spremenite nastavitve za piškotke v brskalniku.

Test and measuring equipment

As a major engineering company, SKF needs to make sure that it provides products and services that meet its own high standards. Measurement and quality-assurance systems, based at our own Quality Technology Centre (QTC), have provided the means to do that for the last 25 years.

Today, we offer the same capabilities to customers. SKF develops and supplies the latest technology and instrumentation, designed to gauge compliance with each customer’s defined goals.  A full range of measurement approaches fulfill the quality assurance needs of manufacturers of high precision round parts and related products, as well as grease testing for the grease industry.

SKF also works closely with other specialists, if required.  Installation, setup, training (on or off site) and extensive follow-up activities are all part of the services supplied.  In addition, SKF offers a range of gauges to check tapered shaft journals or the radial internal clearance of cylindrical roller bearings.  They are designed to meet the requirements of high-precision technology, especially in machine tool and spindle manufacturing and spindle repair services.

Technology and measurement approaches include:
  • Waviness, roundness and form analysis
  • Noise and vibration testing for bearings
  • Dimension testing
  • Optical inspection
  • Non destructive testing
  • Grease testing machines

Informacije o produktih

Opomba - spodnje povezave vodijo do informacij, ki so na voljo samo v angleškem jeziku.
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