The Company

As a product department of SKF Lubrication Systems Germany GmbH, we can look back on a history of more than 80 years.

Founded in 1932, we have been developing, manufacturing, and distributing sealless immersion pumps for a very long time.

We received a patent in 1934 as the inventors of the first sealless immersion pump.

Until 1985, we operated as an independent company; since 1986, we have been a product department of the company previously known as Willy Vogel AG, now SKF Lubrication Systems Germany GmbH.
“Spandau Pumpen” from Berlin are well established in your principal markets. Our success is founded on our customers' satisfaction with our products and our ability to exceed their expectations.

Our customers are our partners, and our goal is to continue to provide them with innovative products of top quality at all times. The market is our inspiration and we enjoy new challenges. Put us to the test today!