Spandau Pumpen

Whether centrifugal or screw pumps, metal or plastic pumps - here you'll find the matching solution for your requirements. Different applications require different answers. The material for the pump components is selected according to the media to be pumped. From clean to heavily polluted media, from hot to cold media, from acidic to basic media, whether aggressive or abrasive - Spandau Pumpen offers a wide range of materials. Depending on the viscosity, you can select a pump which has the right characteristics to cover the required working point (duty point).

Spandau Pumpen also makes customized models in addition to the standard pumps. We have our own development and design department, so we can offer customized pump configurations and materials and give flexible customer advice.

For an overview of the Spandau Pumpen product range, see our Overview of Products, and for more detail our leaflet 1-6000-EN "Sealless Immersion Pumps for Industrial Applications."