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В центре внимания

  • 2013 Август 13

    SKF sponsors Shell Eco-marathon Americas

    The principle of Shell Eco-marathon is simple: to design and build the world's most fuel-efficient vehicle. SKF offers participants access to engineering experience and products as they design their vehicles.
  • 2013 Июль 16

    Many SKF teams in the world's largest youth football tournament

    Three hundred and fifty young SKF Meet the World players from different parts of the world sang and danced together when SKF welcomed its teams to Gothenburg for this year's Gothia Cup.
  • 2013 Июль 04

    The world's toughest race

    Read about an SKF sales engineer taking on the world’s biggest and toughest endurance rally.
  • 2013 Июнь 27

    SKF continues to meet kids from all over the world

    The football tournament Meet the World, held by SKF, is about to be finalized in 20 countries around the world. 21 teams will take part in the Gothia Cup – a week of football, friendship and fun!
  • 2013 Май 27

    Meet our employees

    SKF provides a scene for everyone to show their talent,” says Chenxi Gu, Business Excellence Engineer at Strategic Industries. Meet our employees and find out more about what energizes them every day.
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