SKF continues to meet kids from all over the world

The football tournament Meet the World, held by SKF, is about to be finalized in 20 countries around the world. Altogether, 21 teams take part in the Gothia Cup – a week of football, friendship and fun!

Tom Johnstone, SKF President and CEO explains: “Our sustainable future is built on knowledge, understanding, and respect, which starts with children – their dreams, ideas and aspirations. We want to open minds, stimulate dialogue, and create opportunities that would otherwise be a dream. That’s why, we’re committed to supporting young people in the countries where we’re present. The SKF Meet the World tournaments give us a chance to make a positive impact locally and let people know a little bit more about SKF.”

Tournaments around the world
SKF France has chosen to support the Kim Källström trophy* through an exclusive partnership with Special Olympics France (SOF). Its mission is to allow disabled young people to accomplish themselves thanks to sport. At the end of the tournament in France, the IMPRO** Membrey team stood proudly as the winners.

Jean-Luc Oudot, one of the two managers of the IMPro team says; “The sport is very important for them and helps us to support their training. This experience is part of the pedagogic program of the teenagers and it increases the team spirit.”

In Lithuania, SKF arranged Meet the World for the second time. The tournament took place in May and ten junior teams from seven countries participated. The team Panevėžio FA from Panavėžys city won the tournament.

SKF Indonesia has arranged the tournaments for four years. This year 16 teams played 240 games before the final where over at Ciracas stadium, East Jakarta. It was ASIOP Apacinti, who proved themselves as winners.

Gothia Cup and Meet the World
Gothia Cup is the world's largest youth football tournament. From its start in 1975, the cup has had almost 950,000 participants from 127 countries. With close to 70 countries participating every year, the Gothia Cup remains the world's most international tournament. SKF initiated Meet the World in 2007, when SKF became the main partner to Gothia Cup.

The games are held 14-20 July. Visit during that week to find information about all our teams.

SKF Meet the World countries 2013 are:
Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Russia and Zambia.

* The Kim Källström Trophy is a cooperation between Gothia Cup, Special Olympics Europe/Eurasia, Special Olympics Sweden the Swedish national player Kim Källström.
**IMPRO: medico professional institutes
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