SKF Meet the World is up and running

The football tournament Meet the World, held by SKF, is going on in 24 countries. The winning team from each country will go to Gothenburg, Sweden in July to take part in the Gothia Cup. São Paulo FC is the winner in Cajamar, Brazil. São Paulo FC is the winner in Cajamar, Brazil.

The victory in SKF Meet the World means that São Paulo FC participates in the Gothia Cup this summer. Sixteen teams from different regions in Brazil competed in the tournament. This will be the first time the team travels abroad to represent their club and their school.

Igor Martins, the team's left midfielder says:
"I could never dream of going abroad so early in my life, and I am proud to represent my team and Brazil in such a big and important tournament as Gothia Cup."

Qualifying tournaments
SKF initiated Meet the World in 2007, when SKF became the main partner to Gothia Cup. This year the football tournaments are held in 24 countries where SKF is present. The purpose is to create global meeting points for youngsters regardless of gender, social background, age, culture or religion.

The world youth cup
Gothia Cup is the world's largest youth football tournament. From its start in 1975, the cup has had almost 950,000 participants from 127 countries. With close to 70 countries participating every year, the Gothia Cup remains the world's most international tournament.

The games begin 16 July, and the finals are held 20-21 July. During the week some 1,600 teams will play around 5,000 games.

SKF Meet the World teams
The participating teams in Meet the World 2012 apart from Brazil are Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, UK, USA, and Zambia.

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