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“People of different cultures and backgrounds come together at SKF”

Salahi - Product Development
Salahi - Product Development
After two years as a Researcher, Salahi has worked as a Project Leader at SKF for one year. Based at our Engineering & Research Centre in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands, his role involves planning and execution of projects within technology development and innovation.

How do you think SKF stands out as an employer?

"Based on my experience, I see SKF as an employer that really values its people. After finishing my PhD and joining SKF as a Researcher, I was immediately able to get a wide variety of experience, particularly in working with customers and meeting their expectations. Also, SKF is an employer that encourages employees to develop and offers opportunities to people who want to take responsibility and enjoy a fulfilling career."

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

"The fact that it involves high levels of cooperation. I work closely with my customers, focusing on a common goal. Seeing that results of this common effort improve the daily work of other people is tremendously satisfying. Also, as part of our Knowledge and Simulation Team, teamwork is critical. We need to interact not only with each other but also with other research teams within SKF across the world to ensure knowledge spreads throughout the organisation. Being part of this process is challenging and exciting."

How does SKF’s global presence affect your role?

"As I mentioned above, SKF’s global reach has an obvious positive affect on teamwork and the cooperative dynamic. In my projects I interact with customers from Italy, France, Germany and the USA. I also have colleagues from France, Sweden, Poland, Italy, India, China, Turkey and the Netherlands. What this does is create a feeling of togetherness. People of different cultures and backgrounds come together at SKF and I believe this spirit of international cooperation is one of the main reasons behind SKF’s success – I know it is one of the main reasons why I enjoy going to work every day!"

How do you see your future within SKF?

"I really think I can grow and develop within SKF. Although I started working here during the economic downturn, SKF continued to invest in employee training and developing. For me, this was a very positive sign and I’m proud to be part of a company that will give me the tools and platform to fulfil my potential."
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