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SKF Commutation Sensor-Bearing Units

Three digital commutation signals for 6 step-drive control

SKF Commutation Sensor-Bearing Unit
SKF Commutation Sensor-Bearing Units combine low-friction, high-speed bearing functionality with the ability to deliver three high quality digital commutation signals for 6 steps drive control.

The units are customizable to electric motor size and number of pole pairs. The sensor body can be angular-shifted in order to align the output commutation signals with the E-motor back electric magnetic force.

Combined functionality benefits

SKF Commutation Sensor-Bearing Units integrate sensor function into the bearing – an SKF patented design that allows very precise management of the sensor-bearing unit air gap. The result? The units are insensitive to severe magnetic field disturbances, and can withstand application vibration and continuous temperatures up to 150°C. Other design and performance benefits include:
  • Compactness
  • Simplified assembly
  • Sensing performance unaffected by assembly line mounting tolerances
  • Optimized torque ripple and system noise
  • Excellent e-motor torque stability
  • Improved safety and reliability
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