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SKF helps a dairy company potentially save £140,000

Case study

A dairy company was experiencing frequent bearing failure in an extruder and vibrating box conveyor, and asked SKF to help.
They were having problems with the reliability of the extruder and vibrating box conveyor in their production line, due to premature bearing failure.
It was found that regular high-pressure wash-downs, the warm, humid environment and a lack of regular relubrication were causing premature bearing failure, with nine bearings failing in twelve months.  The extruder included four critical bearings, the failure of just one potentially causing ten hours of unplanned downtime. They were experiencing total costs of £29,600 in repairs and lost production. 
SKF recommended the SKF ProFlex automatic lubrication system, and this was installed in both machines.
As a result, bearing service life was significantly increased, and considerable savings were realised in maintenance costs and through avoiding unplanned downtime, with projected savings of £140,000 over both machines’ six year service lives.

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