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SKF Xtra Power Belts boost service life by 40%

SKF Xtra Power Belts

2012 June 15, 09:00 GMT

SKF has launched a new range of drive belts that offer significantly longer lifespan and can extend the service life of each application in which they are used. SKF Xtra Power Belts have been designed to deliver up to 40% more service than standard wrapped belts, in addition, these belts extend the service life of your application, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs for users. SKF Xtra Power Belts also enable a more effective use of energy, offering up to 97% drive efficiency.

SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has constructed SKF Xtra Power Belts using robust, resilient materials that resist the common causes of belt failure. SKF Xtra Power wedge belts feature a multi-layer construction, with a tough polyester tension cord being embedded between layers of polychloroprene over a rubber base. This advanced construction enables the belt to accommodate heavy tension loads with minimal elongation (one-shoot tensioning, no need to re-tension after the initial run-in period) resulting in a substantially greater operating life than that of standard wrapped belts.

SKF Xtra Power Belts are encapsulated in a long-life, abrasion-resistant cover fabric, which helps protect against friction heat if the belt slips out of position. This avoids problems such as pulley groove wear, which occurs when a slipped belt heats, hardens and wears the pulley groove out of shape, preventing efficient power transmission and leading to the premature replacement of both belt and pulley.  Other advantages of SKF Xtra Power Belts include improved smooth running behaviour, low vibration levels and strong resistance to shock loads.

The enhanced belts are part of a full and expanding range of power transmission products now available from SKF that enhance efficiency and boost performance. Javier Rincon, Product Manager for SKF, explains, "SKF has for some years supplied a variety of advanced power transmission products that offer customers savings in time and cost. With recent product introductions we now have one of the most comprehensive ranges of couplings, V and synchronous belts, roller and conveyor chains, pulleys, sprockets and bushes available from a single supplier."

SKF Xtra Power Belts are available in profiles SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC ISO standard wedge and 3V, 5V, 8V RMA standard narrow wedge.


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