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SKF Shaft Grounding Ring Kits cut bearing failures

Shaft Grounding Rings TKGR series
Shaft Grounding Rings TKGR series
Shaft Grounding Rings TKGR series
Shaft Grounding Rings TKGR series

2012 September 19, 09:00 GMT

A new range of SKF Shaft Ground Ring Kits has been developed as a solution to help prevent bearing failures due to electrical discharge currents, which can occur when variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to control AC motors.  Designed to be maintenance free, the kits improve system reliability, helping to avoid motor repair and unplanned downtime, and thus offering a high potential return on investment (ROI).

SKF Shaft Grounding Rings Kits (TKGR series) consist of a shaft grounding ring and a selection of mounting brackets and fixings to allow them to be fitted to IEC frame motors.  TKGRs are the ideal solution to support common applications such as fans, pumps and compressors driven by motors up to 75kW.

Compared to non-protected VFD-controlled motors, TKGRs help prevent electrical discharge current damage in rolling bearings and protect both motor bearings and the bearings in attached equipment.  The kits are specifically designed for retrofitting on existing IEC frame size industrial electric motors, reducing the need to spend time, effort and cost in replacing the existing bearings.

The SKF Shaft Grounding Rings Kits (TKGR series) comprise a shaft grounding ring with an aluminium brush holder (which helps ensure that the conductive brushes remain in contact with the surface of the motor shaft); four different sets of mounting brackets (4 brackets per set, ensuring that the SGR can be fitted to almost all IEC frame motors); and a selection of mounting screws, washer and Allen keys.

The SKF Shaft Grounding ring Kit range consists of nine different sizes to suit IEC frame motors with shaft diameters between 28 and 95mm.  Depending on the motor power and application, the TKGRs may need to be used in combination with SKF INSOCOAT® or SKF Hybrid bearings.

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