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SKF E2 spherical roller bearings boost energy efficiency for industrial fans and blowers

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) spherical roller bearing

2013 June 26, 09:00 GMT

SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has introduced the SKF Energy Efficient (E2) spherical roller bearing, which significantly enhances energy efficiency through reduced bearing friction and energy consumption. The bearings provide a powerful solution in general purpose applications such as industrial fans, blowers and conveyors by reducing frictional moment by 30% or more beyond standard bearings.
The SKF E2 spherical roller bearing achieves this improved efficiency through optimised internal design features designed to minimise friction, and a specially formulated grease designed for the bearing by SKF. The dedicated SKF LESA 2 grease combines fully synthetic polyalphaolefine (PAO) base oil with a unique lithium soap thickener, which offers exceptional oxidation stability and resistance to water, and enables users to get low friction torque, minimal friction losses and quiet running from the bearing.  
To optimise the internal design, SKF engineers used advanced modelling tools to examine the way that components interacted in the existing spherical roller bearing. Having evaluated this data, SKF engineers re-engineered the cage and improved the surface finish of the rollers and raceways to reduce friction between the rollers and the rolling element lands. The optimised design also maximised the effects of the specially formulated low friction SKF LESA 2 grease.
Using advanced simulation tools and test rigs, SKF has calculated the energy saving of the SKF E2 spherical roller bearing against a standard bearing. In laboratory tests, temperature reductions between 10 and 18°C have been measured for normal speeds and loads. As well as reducing running temperature, the lower operating conditions of the SKF E2 spherical roller bearing and SKF LESA 2 solution also result in extended re-lubrication intervals up to four times, depending upon operating conditions.  
As well as reducing mechanical friction in light-to-normal loaded applications, such as industrial fans, blowers and conveyors, the SKF E2 spherical roller bearing also helps users to comply with tougher environmental legislation. The bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with ISO standard components, which means conventional bearings can be upgraded simply and quickly. 
The SKF E2 spherical roller bearing, which is manufactured in five sizes in the UK, is part of the SKF BeyondZero portfolio of products and solutions that both improve energy efficiency and support more environmentally friendly energy production.

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