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SKF E2 Y-bearings cut friction for enhanced energy efficiency

SKF Energy Efficient Y-bearings

2014 March 06, 09:00 GMT

SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has recently launched a range of SKF Energy Efficient (E2) Y-bearings that reduce friction by up to 75%, offering significantly enhanced energy efficiency over standard Y-bearings. SKF E2 Y-bearings also substantially reduce lubricant consumption, offering a cost-effective, low maintenance bearing in applications where reducing energy use is vital to protect profitability.

Y-bearings within the E2 performance class achieve enhanced energy efficiency because frictional moment is significantly lower than that of a same-sized standard Y-bearing. The frictional moment of different sized SKF E2 Y-bearings has been measured at various speeds and compared to that of basic design SKF Y-bearings. The results show that for SKF E2 Y-bearings there was a reduction in the frictional moment of at least 50% and in some cases the reduction was as high as 75%.

Depending on the operating conditions, the bearing can run up to 30 °C (55 °F) cooler when compared to an SKF basic design bearing, which extends the service life of the grease and can also prolong the life of the bearing itself. Under normal operating conditions SKF E2 Y-bearings also significantly reduce lubricant consumption. When combined with lower operating temperatures and extended grease service life, the effectiveness of the seal renders the SKF E2 Y-bearing relubrication-free under normal operating conditions.

SKF E2 Y-bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with SKF basic design Y-bearings enabling easy upgrades in typical applications such as industrial fans, conveyors and textile machinery, while potentially enhancing the energy efficiency of new applications.

The Y-bearings are available in three different series with a choice of locking methods. E2 YAR 2 bearings, with the grub screw locking method, and E2 YET 2, with the eccentric collar locking method, are available for metric shafts from 20 to 45 mm and for inch shafts from 3/4 to 1-3/4 inches. E2 YSP 2 bearings, with the SKF ConCentra locking method, are available for metric shafts from 25 to 45 mm and for inch shafts from 1 to 1-11/16 inches.


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