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SKF analysis and reporting module

SKF analysis and reporting module is an application dedicated to the transfer, display and storage of data from the SKF MX and SKF GX microlog series. Downloaded data may be browsed using an Explorer-style tree structure; selecting any record on this tree causes it to be shown in a graph plot on the main section of the window. This graph plot features a large range of cursor and display options, including notes and annotations added by the user. 

SKF analysis and reporting module makes it easier than ever to get the data from your analyser and onto the screen of your computer. Data unloaded from any analyser is automatically displayed in the program main window, providing a seamless interface between the PC and the analyser. Data is stored in both source format and in custom binary data stream files, which include all cursors, annotations and notes added by the user; these files are self contained and make file management a simple task.

Data may be shown in a variety of plot types, all including advanced scaling, cursor and annotation options. 

You can use SKF analysis and reporting module to unload data from your SKF MX or SKF GX Series Microlog using Microsoft ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Centre under Vista); Analyser, Recorder, Check-to-conformance and Run up/Coast down results files are unloaded and displayed directly in SKF Analysis and Reporting Module. GX users may also unload any non-route data in the Analysis and Reporting Module.

SKF analysis and reporting module will run on Windows NT4 (Service Pack 4 or later), Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

For information on a fully functional demo version of SKF analysis and reporting module, or to upgrade to the latest version, please contact us: 

SKF analysis and reporting module is the new identity for SKF PolyMate for Windows, reflecting the program's focus on support of the SKF MX and SKF GX microlog series. Support will continue for legacy analysers such as the DI-2200 and the DI-225, and all the features of PolyMate are continued in SKF analysis and reporting module.

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