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Meet the World

The Meet the World tournament is all about inspiration. It is a chance for children to meet other cultures, exchange ideas and dreams, and all this by following their passion for football. We asked for reflections from a few of the participants...

Zhao Wenlong – China

What was your best Gothia Cup experience?

At the Gothia Cup, it was amazing when we got our own trading cards, and got to exchange with players from other countries. I got more than ten cards from other players. It was a great chance for us to make friends. It was a big surprise, and I’ll keep the cards with me all the time!

What was your best Meet the World experience?
Our team was the champion of the Meet the World tournament in China. We played against the other 10 teams from all around China, and we won. After two days of games, we were exhausted. But when the final game ended and we were given the Meet the World gold trophy, the whole team went completely crazy. We hugged each other, laughed, and cried. We’ll graduate from secondary school soon, and in the future it will be hard for us to play together. But at the very last year, our team won the game and made it to Sweden. It’s a sad goodbye for the team, but a new start for every one of us.

What was your best Meet the World experience?
Meet the World helped me realize my dream of playing in Europe. Not even many players in our national team have done that!

Please describe one unforgettable moment during your trip or visit in Sweden.
A moment when we have friends from my country in the schoolyard and visiting the Liseberg park.

Shubham Jadhav – India

What was your best Gothia Cup experience?
It was a dream come true to play with professional football players at international level. The arrangement of the Gothia Cup was excellent especially the fireworks at the opening ceremony.

What was best with your Meet the World experience?
I got the chance to play with international players. It was the place where people from all the world had gathered. My biggest experience was seeing the aeroplane and sitting in it and making friends from different parts of the world.

Brandon Savalle – France 

What was your best Meet  the World experience?
When we won and we understood we would go to Sweden. Several of us had never been on a plane. When they introduced our godfather (sponsor), Zied (SKF employee, volunteer to help during Meet the World). He is very funny and during Meet the World, Zied supported us a lot.

Lucas de Jesus Santos Oliviera – Brazil

What was your best Gothia Cup experience?
The best thing was getting to know the way the players of other countries play, and the organization of the event itself.

Please describe one unforgettable moment during your trip or visit in Sweden.
The championship was very impressive, but the party our team had every time we went to the matches was even better, the songs, etc. People were amazed just because we are Brazilian.

Nicolas Molano – Colombia

What was your best Gothia Cup experience?
The best experience during the Gothia Cup was when the team scored the second goal during the game against Stenungsunds IF and we all celebrated by dancing, just like the Colombian team at the 2014 World Cup! People around the field were also dancing with us and that was very nice. The support from the Colombian colony in Gothenburg during the games was something I really appreciated.

Please describe one unforgettable moment during your trip or visit in Sweden.
The most unforgettable moment during my trip to Sweden was the day of the Gothia Cup opening ceremony. The Ullevi Stadium was full of people the School told us there were about 50,000 people and when we entered the stadium all of them were chanting “Colombia, Colombia, Colombia” and clapping their hands! When we passed through the parade the people on the lower section of the stand wanted to shake our hands and take pictures with us. I think this was one of the most unforgettable moments in my entire life.

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