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CASM electromechanical cylinders

Latest linear servo actuators from SKF

CASM 32, 40 and 63 series - parallel version
CASM 32, 40 and 63 series - in-line version
CASM electric cylinder with accessories (excluding motor)
CASM electromechanical cylinders are made of highest grade materials and are designed to withstand even the hardest of application conditions. These units are available with either a ball or trapezoidal screw, in three different sizes and with stroke lengths to fit the widest range of applications.

Due to application demands the higher efficiency and performance of electromechanical systems it is possible to replace pneumatic cylinders with linear servo actuators in a large number of specific cases.

Besides tremendous energy savings (around 90 %*), electromechanical solutions offer many benefits such as less contamination, noise and maintenance. Consequently, using an electromechanical solutions can lead to important cost savings and makes it an alternative choice for a number of applications.

One of the CASM features lies in its sealing systems composed of:
  • Seals (wiping ring and flat seals) which provide IP54S standard protection
  • A sintered filter which compensates for pressure differences within the linear servo actuator during movement
Once coupled with a motor, the CASM becomes a powerful electromechanical device.

SKF offers many diverse attachment options and the capability of coupling most motor types allowing the motion system of your choice, such is an advantage that can reduce the onward design and programming costs.

From packaging to factory automation or food and beverage, the CASM fits many different applications in various industries.

Whether high speed, heavy lifting or precision is needed, the CASM linear servo actuator is the solution to meet your utmost needs.

CASM 32 technical data:
Max. dynamic force  700 N
Max. static force      700 N
Max. speed             up to 500 mm/s
Stroke                    50 to 400 mm 
Duty cycle              up to 100 %
Type of protection   IP 54S

CASM 40 technical data:
Max. dynamic force  2 375 N
Max. static force       2 375 N
Max. speed              up to 825 mm/s
Stroke                     100 to 600 mm 
Duty cycle               up to 100 %
Type of protection    IP 54S

CASM 63 technical data:
Max. dynamic force  5 400 N
Max. static force       5 400 N
Max. speed              up to 1 060 mm/s
Stroke                     100 to 800 mm 
Duty cycle               up to 100 %
Type of protection    IP 54S

* Source: Swiss Federal Office for Energy
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