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K-type thermocouple probes

Wide variety of thermocouple probes for many applications

SKF offers a range of K-type thermocouple probes for use with SKF Thermometers.
Typical applications are:
  • Surface measurements (TMDT 2-30, -31, -32, -33)
  • Gas and liquid measurements (TMDT 2-34)
  • Semi solid materials (TMDT 2-35)
  • Clamp for pipe measurements (TMDT 2-36)
  • Rotating surface measurements (TMDT 2-40)
  • Liquid non-ferrous metal measurements (TMDT 2-41)
  • Ambient temperature measurements (TMDT 2-42)
  • Gas measurements - wire probes (TMDT 2-38, -39)
  • Heavy duty surface measurements (TMDT 2-43)
All probes can be used with the SKF Thermometers without recalibration.
Part ordering details
TMDT 2-30
Standard surface probe.
For hard surfaces such as bearings, bearing housings, engine blocks, oven shields, etc.
Max. temp. 900 °C / 1 650 °F .
Response time 2,3 sec
TMDT 2-31
Magnetic surface probe.
For hard, magnetic surfaces; the integral heat sink design and the low mass minimise thermal inertia and provide an accurate temperature measurement.
Max. temp. 240 °C / 460 °F
Response time 7,0 sec.
TMDT 2-32
Insulated surface probe.
For hard surfaces where electrical wiring might cause short circuiting, e.g. electric motors, transformers, etc.
Max. temp. 200 °C / 390 °F
Response time 5,5 sec.
TMDT 2-33
Right angle surface probe.
For hard surfaces in heavy duty applications, e.g. machine components, engines, etc.
Max. temp. 450 °C / 840 °F
Response time 8,0 sec.
TMDT 2-34
Gas and liquid probe.
Flexible shank made of stainless steel, for liquids, oils, acids, etc. and at high temperature, e.g. open fire (not for molten aluminium).
Max. temp. 1 100 °C / 2 010 °F
Response time 12,0 sec.
TMDT 2-34/1.5  
Gas and liquid probe.
Same as TMDT 2-34, but with thin shank and faster response time. Very flexible, specially suitable for measuring temperature of gases.
Max. temp. 900 °C / 1 650 °F
Response time 6,0 sec.
TMDT 2-35
Probe with sharp tip.
Can be easily inserted into semi-solid materials like food-stuffs, meat, plastic, asphalt, deep-frozen products, etc.
Max. temp. 600 °C / 1 110 °F
Response time 12,0 sec.
TMDT 2-36
Pipe clamp probe.
For temperature measuring on pipes, cables, etc.
Diameter up to ø 35 mm (1.4 in).
Max. temp. 200 °C / 390 °F
Response time 8,0 sec.
TMDT 2-37

Extension cable.
For use with all K-types probes. Special lengths are available on request.

TMDT 2-38
Wire probe.
Thin, light weight, very fast response, fibreglass insulated.
Max. temp. 300°C / 570°F
Response time 5,0 sec.
TMDT 2-39
High temperature wire probe.
Thin, light weight, very fast response, ceramic insulation.
Max. temp. 1 350 °C / 2 460 °F
Response time 6,0 sec.
TMDT 2-40
Rotating probe.
For moving or rotating, smooth surfaces.
Four roller bearings provide suitable contact with the surfaces.
Max. velocity 500 m/min.
Max. temp. 200 °C / 390 °F
Response time 0,6 sec.
TMDT 2-41
Non-ferrous foundry probe.
Holder incl. dip-element for molten, non-ferrous metals.
Highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation at high temperatures.
Max. temp. 1 260 °C / 2 300 °F
Response time 30,0 sec.
TMDT 2-42
Ambient temperature probe.
For measurement of ambient temperature
TMDT 2-43
Heavy duty surface probe
Same as TMDT 2-30 but with silicone encapsulated tip for heavy duty applications
Max. temp. 300 °C / 570 °F
Response time 3,0 sec.
Special probes available on request.
Technical data
Probe type
K-type thermocouple (NiCr/NiAl) acc. IEC 584 Class 1
1,5 °C (2.7 °F) up to 375 °C (707 °F)

0,4% of reading above 375 °C (707 °F)
110 mm long
1000 mm spiral cable (excl. TMDT 2-31, -38, -39, 41)
K-type mini-plug (1 260-K)
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