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Inspector 400 ultrasonic probe

Easy detection of high frequency sounds

SKF Inspector 400 ultrasonic probe (CMIN 400-K)
The SKF Inspector 400 ultrasonic probe senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, as well as leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by a heterodyning process, making them audible, so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on a meter.
  • Detects pressure and vacuum leaks, including compressed air
  • Checks steam traps and valves quickly and accurately
  • Detects arcing, tracking and corona in electric apparatus
  • Tests bearings, pumps, motors and compressors
  • Frequency response: 20 to 100 kHz (centred at 38 to 42 kHz) 
  • Indicator: 10–segment LED bar graph (red)
Technical data
CMIN 400-K
SKF Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe
Frequency response
20 to 100 kHz (centred at 38 to 42 kHz)
10 segment LED bar graph
Sensitivity selection
8-position precision attenuation
9 V alkaline battery
Lightweight foam lined double headset wired monophonic impedance; 16 Ω
Response time
300 m/s
Ambient operating temperature range
0 to 50 °C (30 to 120 °F)
Relative humidity
10 to 95% non-condensing at up to 30 °C (85 °F)
203 x 50 x 133 mm (8.00 x 2.00 x 5.25 in.)
320 g (11 oz.)
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