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Welcome to the SKF Enlight QuickCollect – User Support Center

System Overview

Typical Operations

The SKF Enlight QuickCollect system can be used by service, reliability, operations or maintenance personnel as part of a walk-around data collection program. The SKF QuickCollect sensor can be connected to tablets, smart phones and smart watches which have the system apps installed. This enables the user to potentially monitor hundreds of assets per day and thousands of assets per month. The data can then be analysed on the spot in real time, saved/shared to the cloud, or sent to SKF experts for analysis (requires SKF DataCollect app and subscription to SKF services).

Typical daily operations would include the following steps:
  • Carry the QuickCollect sensor and smart device out to the machine with rotating parts’ (such as a pump or motor).
  • Mount the sensor on the bearing housing using the magnet mount.
  • Initiate the sensor measurement wirelessly (using Bluetooth® Low Energy, or BLE) using either the SKF QuickCollect or DataCollect app running on a smart device.
  • After taking the measurement, remove the sensor and proceed to the next machine or measurement location to continue taking measurements.
  • When complete, return the sensor to its charging power supply via the cable.
  • Review or share the data, analyse in-house, or send to SKF for remote diagnostic support

Getting Started

You can download and install the SKF QuickCollect app via the Apple App Store. After download and installation, the SKF QuickCollect app will be available on your mobile device.The SKF QuickCollect app is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later.
  • Take a look at this introduction video for SKF QuickCollect app (iOS)

To launch QuickCollect for the first time:

  • Tap the SKF QuickCollect icon on your device. The welcome screen will appear.
  • Tap Configure thresholds to jump directly to the Settings table and configure your measurement danger and alert alarm thresholds, or tap Skip to navigate to the app’s home screen.
  • Tap to select Stop reminding me to skip this welcome screen when you launch the app in the future.

How do I upgrade ?

To fully use the SKF DataCollect app, connect to the SKF Cloud, or connect to SKF Remote Diagnostic Services, you first need to setup and account with us. Simply complete this form and your local SKF representative will contact you shortly to get the process started !

Click here to begin the upgrade process
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