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SKF @ptitude Observer

SKF @ptitude Observer is now at version 10.1.2. The full install applies to new and existing @ptitude Observer users. For existing @ptitude Observer users, you must first uninstall your current @ptitude Observer version and then re-install the latest version (v10.1.2).

Software features and functionality

Multilog IMx firmware v.5.0 supports new features of SKF @ptitude Observer v10.1:

Event Capture capabilities

  • New continuous time waveform collection can be used to investigate very low mechanical/main bearing and high-frequency electrical/generator/planetary stages oscillations in the time wave forms
  • This feature enables captures of long-time waveforms
  • The event capture can be manually started from the software at the press of a button, or started automatically based on an alarm threshold
  • The event capture file can be exported

Multiple Gating Points

  • This new measurement point can reference values from up to five other points and then perform a logical evaluation on the current measurements to determine if the system will take measurements or not

User login/logout logging – Through Database/Users menu 

View of current users logged into the system

Users can easily switch language 

Update to Machine Parts to select Inner/Outer race rotating ring - When creating bearings in the machine parts window, it is now possible to select which race is rotating 

Order tracking points - Order tracking points show the order corresponding to the selected order analysis shaft

Process Overview enhancements - Edit the foreground and background colors of the labels and also the size of the status icon. Also for a process viewer user it is possible now to right click and logoff to change user right from the process view

Process settings now saved per user - The User preferences dialog has a new “Auto save graph settings for” option with two settings:

  • “Everyone” – This is the old behavior, and is set as the default
  • “Just me” – If a user chooses this option, their settings are saved under their user ID 
    • Changes to the global settings do not affect “Just me” settings 
    • Benefit: other users cannot see or modify these settings. Users don’t have to use the same setting any more on systems with multiple users 
    • Advantage: Ultimate flexibility - Some users can use “Everyone” setting and others can use “Just me”

Network time protocol via SNTP time synchronization 

General stability and performance improvements
full software download instructions

  1. Click here to download the full software file and save it to your PC. The downloaded file is password-protected.
  2. Click here to fill out and submit a password request form. You will receive a password to unlock the downloaded file within the next business day.
  3. Once you have received your password, unzip the downloaded file by using the provided password.
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