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Introduction to static testing and dynamic motor monitoring

Course description

This introductory course will benefit the attendee by allowing them to obtain information about both technologies simultaneously. A majority of the first day will cover basic AC motor theory and construction. The remainder of the first day and half of the second day will cover the concepts and theories of dynamic motor monitoring ending with a "hands on" demonstration. The third day will cover the technical theory of static motor testing ending with a "hands on" demonstration.

By the end of this course the student will have a working knowledge of both the static and dynamic motor testing methods, be able to collect quality data and determine basic motor faults. Seminar price includes workbook, lodging and most meals.

Course objectives

  • Develop a general understanding of AC motor theory and construction
  • Develop a general understanding of what static motor testing and dynamic motor monitoring involves
  • Understand what standards are applicable to the electric motor testing
  • Develop a general working knowledge of instrumentation for both static motor testing and dynamic motor monitoring


Basic AC motor theory
  • Basic electromagnetic theory
  • Basic AC motor construction
  • Various types of motors

Intro to static motor theory

  • Insulation systems
  • Failure mechanisms
  • Testing methods and pass/fail criteria
  • Recommended test voltages
  • Test sequence overview

Intro to dynamic motor monitoring

  • Machine System Overview
  • Properly connecting the Explorer
  • Obtaining quality data
  • Power, motor, load assessment
  • Miscellaneous Explorer tools

Course duration

  • 4 days (includes most meals and lodging -call Jenny Ray at 970-282-1200 for pricing)
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