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Sensor selection - specialized models for portable data collectors

Following are the top features required of quality, specialized vibration sensor models for portable data collector/analyser usage:

Low frequency accelerometers:
  • Narrow frequency response 0,2 Hz to 3,7 kHz
  • Non-rolling element bearing applications where main rotational components are 12 r/min or above
  • High sensitivity, 500 mV/g for low amplitude events

  • CMSS 793L (fig 1)
  • CMSS 797L (fig 2)
General purpose accelerometer:
  • Wide frequency response 0,5 Hz to 10 kHz
  • CMSS 2200 (fig 3)
    CMSS 2200 M8 (fig 4)
    CMSS 2111 - Small footprint (fig 5)
High frequency accelerometer:
  • Superior high frequency response 5 Hz to 60 kHz
  • CMSS 2114 (fig 6)
Triaxial accelerometer kit:
  • Triaxial sensor
  • Three independent sensors in one
  • Speed up route data collection
  • CMAC 4370-K (fig 7)
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